Top Food influencers in India

Food! How are you choosing the restaurant or shops when you decide to eat outside? Do you have confusion about what to cook next for your favorite ones? If anyone asks you, “How much do you know about food?” What will be the answer?

Here is the list of top food influencers who make the content out of foods and restaurants. Not only restaurants, but they are also reviewing your nearby pav bhaji shops in the cross alleys to roadside biriyani shops and sweet shops or whatever it may be. Some of them cook their food too and make content from it. You can answer all of the above questions by following them, but make sure you control the craving for food whenever you watch their videos. These food influencers’ videos are like that only. If you are a foodie from childhood, their contents are the prasad to you. For non-foodies, you’ll become one after watching their videos.

Sarah Todd

An Australian celebrity chef, cookbook author, former Master Chef Australia contestant, and many more are the profiles of Sarah Todd. After her ‘Aloo Gobi’ preparation in Master Chef Australia’s sixth season, she started to gain fame in India. She also owns restaurants in Goa and Mumbai. Her several documentaries have been telecasted on television channels like Fox Life, Foxtel, and National Geographic. She posts videos of cooking and vlog tour videos on her Youtube channel and Instagram page.


A food explorer, YouTuber from Delhi, is doing food vlogging as a full-time occupation with a team on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. He is an active user of all social media platforms. He posts videos about cooking, traveling, and reviews of street foods and restaurants. If you also want to share your cooking with others, he can give you a chance to feature on Instagram and YouTube. His team has organized many food walks in different parts of Delhi. The team DilseFoodie has been featured many times in popular magazines, radios, and daily newspapers like The Hindu, Economic Times, Nav Bharat Times, Forbes India, Business World Magazine, Lonely Planet India, Radio City.

Archana Doshi

Archana’s Kitchen is a leading food and recipe discovery website with lots of traditional Indian food recipes, from Coimbatore style Drumstick recipe to the Doli ki Roti recipe. It has many categories of recipes like North Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Snacks Recipes, Indian Rice Recipes, Paniyaram Recipes, etc. She also sells food products on the website, like baking cakes and cookie mixes. So if you are looking for something new to cook in the home, her contents on the website, YouTube and Instagram are the ones you need. Whether you are an expert in cooking or a naive cook, you can always watch her videos and cook some delicious.

Sarah Hussain

Sarah Hussain from Delhi with Zingyzest – Instagram page and YouTube channel, she posts videos about foods in the places she travels and experimental cooking videos and writes blogs about her travel experiences in WordPress. She started posting videos on Instagram in 2015. She collaborated with many restaurants to promote them and worked with brands like Maybelline Newyork, LG, Nokia, and Pepsi. She is also a TEDx speaker.

Kabita Singh

Kabita Singh is known for her YouTube channel and Instagram page-Kabita’s Kitchen having more than 2B total channel views with 12M subscribers. She also writes blogs about cooking recipes. Her recipes range contains both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian from the Main course to desserts. She is one of the top 5 women YouTube influencers in India. She started her YouTube channel in 2014.

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