Best Gaming influencers in India

Be it mobile games like PUBG, COD, or PC games like God of war, Valorant, the craze for games has never settled in India, whether people are in their teenage or grown adult age. These games have evolved along with the evolution of the computer. During these pandemic periods, people were interested in many new hobbies like cooking, binge-watching, reel making, art crafting, dancing, singing, etc. Like those, gamers also extended their love to games.

Due to a huge fan base in India, many game developers and publishers have launched special edition games to capture this market. These pandemic periods were the reason for the emergence of many gaming influencers, and they stream their gameplay across different platforms like Youtube and Twitch. We will see about the best gaming influencers in India in this article.

Anshu Bisht:

He is popularly known as, Gamerfleet living in Uttarkhand, and has Youtube Silver Play Button and Youtube Gold Play Button. After collaborating with famous comedians like Samay Raina and Nishant Tanwar, and popular video gamers like Alpha Clasher and Emperor Play, his channel became popular. He has a followers count of 667K on Instagram and a subscribers count of 2.66M on his Youtube channel “Anshu Bisht“, and 2.02M subscribers on the channel “GamerFleet“. In addition to these, he has two more YouTube channels. He has uploaded gameplay videos of games like Minecraft, Just Cause, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Batman: Arkhan Knight, etc.

Amit Sharma:

The Desi Gamers channel owner, with the nickname Amit Bhai, has subscribers around 12.7M subscribers on that channel and 3.47M subscribers on the Desi Army channel. He also has three other YouTube channels and an Instagram account with a followers count of 2.4M. With a Youtube Gold Play button and two Youtube Silver Play buttons, he started gaining fame in 2019. Games like Free fire, GTA 5, and Minecraft are streamed on his channels.

Payal Dhare:

Payal Dhare, aka Payal Gaming from Chattisgarh, is one of the famous female gaming streamers on Youtube. She started a game streaming channel in 2019, and it has 2.03M subscribers and around 132M+ views on Youtube, and about 1M followers on Instagram. Her most streamed video games are PUBG, GTA, and COD. She currently plays Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI)a lot. She also got the Face of the year award during Startup Business Meet in 2021.

Suhani Shah:

Suhani Shah is a mentalist by profession and started streaming games during these lockdown periods, and it helped boost her channel with subscribers. Right now, she has 565K followers on Instagram and 1.99M subscribers, and a total watch time of 282M on Youtube. She started her magic career at the age of 7, and her YouTube channel mainly contains magic videos. In between those game streaming videos can be seen.

Ocean Sharma:

Ocean Sharma from Patiala, Punjab is a commentator for BGMI and Valorant. He is an upcoming influencer with 809K subscribers on his YouTube channel – Gamingpro Ocean, and 302K followers on Instagram. He is a studious person from the school time itself and passionate about gaming. A person who loves science and made his career in gaming when PUBG was released.

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