Top 10 Beauty Influencers in India

It is common for brands to promote their products through influencers nowadays. When it comes to fashion and beauty product brands, their promotions are done through beauty influencers also. But in this massive, growing digital world, there are a lot of beauty influencers rising day by day. The reason is, increasing viewership, and it also serves as a source of income once they get a huge fan base.

This article shows the top 10 beauty influencers in India who have a better reach on social media platforms.


She is popularly known as Kaushal Beauty, a British-Indian beauty influencer who has a followers crowd of 987k on Instagram and 2.35M subscribers on YouTube and her blog website. Her “Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Look” video has gotten more than 11M views on youtube up to this date. She promotes some of the daily beauty products from brands like Louis Vuitton, NARS, and ELEMIS through these platforms.

Shruti Arjun Anand:

Initially, as a full-time Engineer, she started her beauty vlogging as a hobby. Her husband and family’s support made her a successful influencer now, with more than 571K followers on Instagram and 9.85M subscribers on Youtube. She makes DIY makeup and hair care videos mainly on her youtube channel. Her videos have inspired people from Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. Being a content-focused artist, she accumulated her audience by understanding youtube’s algorithm.

Ankita Chaturvedi:

The UK based Makeup Artist, an engineer before known as Corallista, started posting videos on YouTube in 2011. She makes women’s beauty enhancement videos, including skincare and makeup tutorials and body positivity. Her followers on Instagram are 331K and 762K subscribers on YouTube. By watching her videos, one can learn advanced makeup for different occasions. She also posts videos of testing various brands’ makeup products and reviewing them.

Shreya Jain:

While studying engineering, she developed an interest in the Fashion blogging field. Her usual videos are about Makeup tips, suggestions, product reviews, and Bollywood celebrities’ recreational videos. She has done makeup for artists like Rana Daggubati and others and collaborated with cosmetic brands like YBP on social media. Her followers on Instagram are 453K and 738K subscribers on YouTube. She has also written the ‘Beauty in the third world‘ blog.

Malvika Sitlani:

The Co-founder and CEO of Masic Beauty, who started her career as a fashion model and debuted as a contestant in a TV show named India’s next top model (2015). She also walked on the ramp too often. She won titles like PCJ Femina Miss Timeless Beauty, Pune Marriott Femina Miss Congeniality Model in the beauty pageant ‘Femina Miss India 2012’ and the Cosmopolitan best beauty blogger in 2019. Her followers count on Instagram is 539K, and her subscribers measure on Youtube is 746K.

Debasree Banerjee:

She is one of the creative vloggers on youtube, having her brand of eyeliners and other cosmetic products. She started her career as Territory Business Executive at Novartis Healthcare PVT Ltd. After one year, she quitted from there and commenced her youtube channel. Her YouTube channel has a subscribers count of 264K, and her Instagram account has a followers count of 306K. Videos ranging from basic makeup to bold makeover videos are available on her channel.

Aashna Shroff:

Despite being a preschool teacher in her earlier career life, she developed her curiosity about fashion blogging and started her career in the same. Later, she has a paid partnership with beauty brands like Nyka, Maybelline, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder. The fan base on social media platforms is 930K followers on Instagram and 184K subscribers on YouTube. Her posts and videos are about choosing the right wardrobe outfits, and makeup looks.

Ritika Amru:

A beauty content creator who is so much obsessed with lipstick shades has a follower base of 109K on Instagram and a subscribers base 222K of on YouTube. Her video playlists range from makeup looks for beginners to bridal makeups. She also has a profile in Mynthra studio to promote brands’ beauty products. She also reviews cosmetic products in her videos.

Jovita George:

A former Miss Kerala pageant winner who currently resides in Kuwait creates the content for beauty vlogging, fashion modelling, and DIY Makeup videos. She also makes videos of culturally different makeup videos like Indian bridal makeup VS American bridal makeup. Her followers count on Instagram is 130K, and her subscribers count on YouTube is 677K.


Aanchal is a bold Makeup artist who has spoken out about her cosmetic surgeries and even given suggestions to others until now. She is also known as special effects guru for using special effects in her makeup tutorial videos. Her bridal makeup video has also been featured on the Mandala weddings site. Her Instagram account has a followers count of 117K, and her YouTube channel has a subscribers count of 205K. If you are looking for after party makeup removal videos, her channel is the one you have to go for it.

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